Enter The Creators Contest (Pepe The King Of Memes).

Pepe has grown from being an internet sensational meme to a world wide phenomenal, what is more extraordinary however is you, everyday people helping to tell the story of Pepe through your own experiences, thoughts, stories and imaginations.

We are giving an opportunity to the best content creators, animators, cartoon artists, writers or in whatever way you can help preserve the meme culture by telling the story of Pepe in your own creative ways. Funny what it may be and extraordinary as it may come out to be! We wanna see Pepe come to life through the lense of your own eyes!

Submit your inspired works on Pepe here for a chance to win $50,000 and be featured in an upcoming fan made series of Pepe with a potential Netflix screen adaptation.

Shortlisted content creators will be announced once Pepe$1 hit it’s goal of a dollar per coin!

Long live the King of Memes!

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